She’s got Moxie! Tehillim/Psalm 91:1

You have probably heard the expression, “She’s got moxie!” Someone who has moxie is bold, energetic, and doesn’t take no for an answer. But what can really give us moxie is the moxie in Psalm 91. In Hebrew, moxie means my refuge.  מ ח ס י 

In Hebrew-English, that is refuge-my or mox-ie. The ie at the end means my. The X in Hebrew is that hard h sound in Bach. You sort of clear your throat to make this sound.

Now you have heard of Omar Sharif who was in Doctor Zhivago? Well Omar is going to help you with the next word which means I will say. Omar means I will say.   א מ ר

אמר ליהוה מחסי


I will say to the Lord that He is my refuge.

That’s how you can get moxie-you can be confident, bold, and even sassy when you have declared that the Lord is your refuge, your shelter, your protection, your haven.


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