Was Esau a Victim of Chili Addiction?

In my E-vreet course, I am doing a video on the root of Adam’s name אדם.  The root word of Adam’s name is red אדום .  When the Bible says that Adam was taken out of the ground, the word for ground is Adama  אדמה.  The Hebrew word for blood is dam  דם.  When Samuel first looked on David, he noted that he was ruddy, or reddish, like Prince Harry as the Hebrew states  אדמוני

Then I came across Genesis 25:30, and I knew I was on to something:

“And Esau said to Jacob:  ויאמר עשׂו אל־יעקב

‘Let me swallow,  or feed me and I’ll swallow it  הלעיטני

I pray thee, נא

some of this red, red (pottage);  הזה מן־האדם האדם

for I am faint.’ כי עיף אנכי

Therefore was his name called Edom or Red.  על־כן קרא־שׁמו אדום׃

Now Strong’s Concordance translates אדום as stuff or a condiment.  

Since most bible scholars are not cooks and have not lived in India, this might not mean that much to them.  But to me, this means spice–chillies to be exact.  There was a time, not too long ago, where spices were hard to come by.  That is one of the reasons Christopher Columbus was trying to find India.  When you get used to eating Indian food with those masala, all other food tastes bland.  It’s like eating your socks.

I think that Jacob was a homebody and learned how to cook a mean curry.  On a hot day, there is nothing like a curry to help you digest your food.  That’s why hotter countries have spicier food.  So poor Esau had been working outside, dehydrated, light-headed, and Jacob took advantage.  The poor guy was hooked on Capsaicin found in chillies.  Capsaisin stimulates brain to excrete endorphins and gives a sense of pleasure when ingested. This is the reason people get addicted to chili.  I would like to know more about the verb that is used when Esau says “Let me swallow.”  It sounds like more than hunger but addiction.  It sounds like he was so impatient that he wanted Jacob to feed him.

I argue that the red-red stuff that Esau was dying for was not a porridge as many translators say (mostly male, no doubt, who wouldn’t know their way in a kitchen, except for Jamie Oliver), but a steaming hot curry that only Jacob knew how to make.  Remember, there have only been Indian restaurants in Israel in the last 20 years.

If Esau had access to the addiction support groups that we have today, he might have been able to deal with his addiction.  But alas, he sold his birthright.  Perhaps it was the chili that changed the course of history as we know it.  Perhaps אדום meant chili in Hebrew at that time.


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