Learn to Read 7 words in Hebrew that you know in English that begin with א

There are at least seven words that you know in Hebrew that begin with א. 

AMEN:  Amen means a solid support.  Isaiah 22: 23 uses it as a verb. 

I’ll  pound  him  like  a  nail  into  a  solid  wall.  He’ll be the  glorious throne  for his fathers.

The word solid is related to Amen.  I also think that Isaiah was using a poetic parallel.  Perhaps what he was trying to say is that the person on the throne will be just as secure as if he were nailed into a solid wall. 


ALEF:  This is the Hebrew way of saying Alpha-male.  I think it could be where we get the world elephant.  You know:  eleph-ant.  Especially when you learn that ox is Eleph in Hebrew–although it’s never in the singular.  You never have one ox in the bible.  There are always two.  There’s a good reason for this:  the older one is teaching the younger one. 


In fact, alef can also mean to teach by example.  Not only that, alaf means 1000.  Each tribe of Israel was broken down into groups of 1000-that was the biggest group.  There were subgroups.  So the guy who was the head of 1000 had to be a real alpha male. 


AVOCADO:  So if you say this word with an Israeli accent the next time you are in Jerusalem, you can buy one.


AMERICA:  In Modern Hebrew, it’s only three syllables.


ANGLIA is the word for England.  Being from East Anglia, I like that.


ASIA also works in Modern Hebrew.


You can see it all on my vid:  Let me know if it works for you



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