All Instructional Designers Must Learn to be Stars

There was a time when only the famous were on video or film.  They had a team of people enhancing their image: make-up, lighting, directing, script, wardrobe.  Now an ID has to do this all alone. 

Since less and less companies can afford to send their employees on training all at the same time, and less and less training companies can afford to send their trainers all over the globe, ID’s need to know how to be on a video.  Like the silent movie stars sadly learned, your voice may be your meal ticket or your downfall. 

My trainer friend just got finished a stint from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and India.  What is the best way to do a follow-up session?  I told her to upload a video on you-tube and send the link on emails to all the participants. 

How many people can find Hebrew classes in their locale?  How many people in their locale actually want to take Hebrew?  The best method of teaching these types of classes may be online.  The videos need to be more interested than seeing the teacher write on the board.  It sees to take a lot more time designing an online course than a live course.  Unlike my training friend, your students don’t know you live and in person.  All they see is a face or hear a disembodied voice. 

One of the best instructional videos that I have seen was done by a 90 year old woman teaching how to cook food from the Depression Era.  On one hand IDers need to be total Pro’s.  On the other hand, in order to make that personal connection for learning to take place, IDers also need to make it personal.  It’s a tightrope walk on the wireless. 


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