Words in English that mean something else in Hebrew

There are words that we use every day in English that are almost exactly like a word in Hebrew.  It can help you with your vocabulary.  You can even learn a dialogue where students are getting to know each other.


English – HEBREW


who – HE

he – SHE

me – WHO

at – YOU (feminine)

ear – CITY

a knee – I

me – WHO

ash – FIRE

low – NO

Ken – YES

llamah – WHY


So you can have a dialogue in Hebrew where people learn each others’ names. Notice that Hebrew does not need the verb “to be” as we do in English.  So there are no “is-are-am”. Just say the capitalized words as you would in English.  You are actually speaking Hebrew.   It could go something like this:

Hello, I’m David.  –  SHALOM.  A KNEE DAVID.

Hello, are you Rachel? – SHALOM AT RACHEL?

No, I’m Sarah. – LOW.  A KNEE SARAH.

Is he DAN?  WHO DAN?

Yes.  He is Dan.  KEN.  WHO DAN.

Who are you?  ME AT?

I am Anna.  A KNEE ANNA.

Who is she? ME HE?

She is Mariam.  HE MARIAM.




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