Remember when your mom would read you a story from a picture book? Psalm 23 in Hebrew

This is a great way to learn Biblical Hebrew: the same way you learned English as a child — someone read a picture book to you. You didn’t know all the words but you liked the pictures. You liked the sound of some words and remembered them. As you listened over and over again, you learned.  To be able to learn a challenging language like Biblical Hebrew, it is good to be like a little child again.  A child doesn’t mind repetition — for a child picks up something new each time.  A child doesn’t get embarrassed or intimidated about making funny noises — they will experiment until they get it right.  They learn best through symbols and pictures.  When you listen to this, don’t try to read the Hebrew at first.  Read Psalm 23 first in English.  Close your bible.  Then just be like a little child and look at the pictures and let the Hebrew be the background music.  Listen to this every day and you will pick up Hebrew and it will pick you up.


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