What does the name Jared and the name for the Jordan river have in common?

Do you know that you know how to say “He descended” in Hebrew? Well, if you know the name Jared, then you do. Ya-RED (Jared in Hebrew–there are no J’s in Hebrew–so what does that tell you about the name of Jesus?)

So anyway, Ya-RED means “He descended”.

So if you wanted to say that “Avraham descended” in Hebrew, you say, “Avraham yared.”  You never know when you might want to say that in Hebrew.

It’s also the verb used in Psalm 133 when talking about the oil dripping down Aaron’s beard.  So you won’t be surprised to know that yaRED is used for rain coming down.

It is also how the Jordan river got its name. The river goes down from the sea of Galilee which is in the north of Israel and travels south to the Dead Sea, which is really called the Salt Sea.



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