Jaffa means Beautiful, my Darling!

The word Jaffa in Hebrew means beautiful. When you see a “J” begin a Hebrew word, you can change it to a “Y”. So that makes Jaffa into Yaffah. The accent is usually on the last syllable, so that’s why I put the “h” at the end. So it’s Yaf-FAH. The city in Israel is pronounced like that–Yaf-FAH. So those of you who are planning a trip to Israel, you can sound like a native. The Hebrew nickname for a native is tsabrah (prickly pear–prickly on the outside but soft on the inside).

The Egyptians thought Sarai was very yaffah, and that is what got Abram into trouble. Leah was not yaffah, but Rachel was.

See Song of Solomon 1:15–Wow, you are yaffah, my darling, (ra’ati) wow, you are yaffah! Dove’s eyes! The word for my darling (ra-ati) here is only used in Song of Solomon. The root of the word ra’ati comes from the word for friend or companion. So if you want to say my darling to someone in Hebrew, you can say ra’ati.


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