Psalm 119 teaches you the Hebrew alphabet

Psalm 119 aleph

This is a picture of the first section of Psalm 119 in Hebrew.  Psalm 119 has 22 sections: one for each letter of the alphabet.  Notice how each verse begins with the same letter.  That letter is the Aleph: the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  Its name is similar to the Greek letter, Alpha.  So the Hebrew alphabet is called the aleph-bet or aleph-bait.  Notice how we read Hebrew from right to left.  This is a type of Hebrew poetry called acrostics.  It helps you remember the verses too.  Listen to this psalm in Hebrew and learn the sounds of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet as the sound changes after eight verses.

To learn more, check out the course “Learn Hebrew through the Bible” while it is still free at Udemy.


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