We have been celebrating Remembrance Day or Veterans’ Day where we honour the soldiers of the past, present, and unfortunately, the future.  Let’s look at the verb “to remember” in Hebrew.

If you know the bible, you know the word for “remember.” You just don’t know you know. Remember Zacheriah the prophet? Well, that’s sort of a pun, because Zacheriah means the LORD remembered.

Remember that whenever you see YA at the end of a name it refers to the LORD.

So now you know a Hebrew verb: zachar. You must be feeling rather clever. Now you can impress your friends with your Hebrew knowledge.

Just remember to use zachar as a masculine singular past verb. Many times when a verb is used in a name, it is in this form.

If you would like to learn more Hebrew this way, then check out E-Vreet’s course “Learn to Read Hebrew through the Bible” by Udemy.

Now you can make up your own sentences in Hebrew. Your friends will think that you are a regular Hebrew scholar. Use any Hebrew name that you know–and they can remember. Watch.

Adam zachar = A man remembered. or Adam remembered.

Daniel zachar = Daniel remembered

Avraham zachar = Abraham remembered.

Zacheriah zachar = Zacheriah remembered.

Adonai (A don EYE) zachar = The LORD remembered.

Bin-yamin zachar. Benjamin (son of the right hand) remembered.

Normally in Biblical Hebrew, the verb goes first. So now that you are on a higher level, you can do this:

Zachar Adam = Remembered Adam/ Remembered a man

Zachar Daniel = Remembered Daniel.

Zachar Adonai = Remembered the LORD.

E-Vreet has this theory that our brains were created to learn Hebrew. And in a way, Hebrew is our first language–we just need to learn it. Things just got confused between the electricians, the plumbers, the carpenters, and the interior decorators during the construction of the Tower of Babel. We are part of a new building, no?


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