A bible splattered with blood

As many of you know, the day before yesterday, some rabbis were doing what they always do, they were praying and reading scripture.  Traditionally, believers do not silently read the bible: they read it outloud.  Why read the bible outloud?  Because you are reading it to yourself–the self that gets so easily distracted, bored, tired.  They not only read the bible outloud, they sing it. Why sing it?  It has been scientifically proven that singing uses a different part of the brain.  You are engaging with the scriptures in a higher level.  Although these men have been martyred, their voices keep singing and will not be stopped.  Their bibles are splattered with their blood.  Not just their finger prints but their hand prints are on the pages.  The essence of their life was on the pages of the bible.

To some, Jerusalem is a farway place, remote from their local Starbucks or Costa’s.  Imagine if five priests had been killed in the Vatican while praying.  Imagine if five victors had been murdered in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  Imagine if five leading pastors had been killed in Amerca.  Now, it is not so remote perhaps.

There is an old Mexican proverb that says something like, “They killed us but didn’t realize we were seeds.”

Listen to Psalm 23 in Hebrew with English translation.


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