Udemy Sale: Get E-Vreet courses for $15

Udemy hosts my online Biblical Hebrew courses.  This week they are having a Black Friday sale where you can get a hold of the E-Vreet courses at a real bargain.  E-Vreet means Hebrew in Hebrew.  So already you know an important word.

E-Vreet courses are non-academic, non-traditional courses.  They use about a dozen cutting-edge methods to not only present the material but teach you the material and help you study.  Each lesson builds upon what you just learned.  E-Vreet takes the new material and applies it to what you just learned, so there is a constant review.  E-Vreet engages you in the process of learning.  There are not any lectures–it’s all hand-on activities and games.  A character, Ben Avraham, not unlike Bart Simpson helps you learn Hebrew.  Sometimes he gets his mom, dad, and sister to help.

My first course, “Meet the Hebrew Alphabet,” is a preparatory course for the reading course.  This course uses cutting-edge methodologies.This is a quick course that gets you used to seeing and distinquishing the wierd shapes of the Hebrew letters.  The second part of the course introduces you to the sounds of the letters through words that you already know.  You don’t have to “study.”  The course does all the work for you.  It maps your brain with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with music.   It has games after each unit.

The next course, “Learn Hebrew through the Bible“, you will be searching the Hebrew scriSlide01ptures in the very first lesson.  You will also visit Israel without having to get on a plane.  E-Vreet will take you to all part of Israel where you will search for the target letter of the lesson on signs on shop windows in Jerusalem and various cities.

As soon as you learn a few letters, E-Vreet puts them together and immediately shows you how to make simple words. It doesn’t stop there, like  Legos, E-Vreet puts together the words to make sentences.  By your second word, you can make a sentence.  When the letters have meaning for you, you can remember them much better.

In later units, E-Vreet translates the Hebrew verses in English, but using Hebrew grammar.  This helps you get under the hood of Hebrew, and lets you see how it words.  By seeing the English reflecting the Hebrew style of sentences, you will be prepared for an advanced Hebrew course.  You learn some grammar without trying.

At the end of this course, you will be able to not only read simple sentences, but you will be able to make your own.  You will be ready for the traditional Biblical Hebrew courses.


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