Sarah, the Princess of Perseverance in Israel

Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew.

s = ש

r = ר

ah =ה


You still with me?

So Sar or שר means Prince.

Sar Shalom means Prince of Peace שר שלום.

שרה is also a verb form meaning to persevere, persist, wrestle. I like persevere. So perhaps we can call Sarah the Persevering Princess, for certainly she was.

Now would you believe that this verb form which is like Sarah’s name שרה is part of the word of Israel. See the sr? שר

The last syllable of Israel is EL. EL is the short form of Elohim, meaning God. EL looks like this in Hebrew—-

E = א

L = ל

EL = אל It is pronounced as “ail”.

The I in Israel looks like this י. like an apostrophe. Here it stands for masculine singular. So you have ישראל Israel.


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