It’s 1984 in the land of HarperCollins

In the land of HarperCollins, it is not 2015, but 1984. They decided not to offend their regional clients in the Middle East and published a map without Israel–which means they did not publish a map but a mess, worse, carto-genocide. They tried to take the world into 1984. 1984 is a book by George Orwell where he writes about a totalitarian society where the government calls war “peace” and slavery “freedom”.  They redraw maps to match their politics.  Melanie Philips predicted and chronicled acts such as this in her books.  This could be the new map that our children could be using if we do not wake up. If a country the size of New Jersey can disappear, then so can New Jersey. world1984I wonder if HarperCollins published 1984.  Any ethical authors with HarperCollins should consider another publisher, don’t you think?  Think while you still can.


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