If you only knew the first four letters of the Hebrew alphabet

I am just about finished uploading my new and improved videos on my Udemy course, Learn Hebrew through the Bible.  My new Mac Book Pro has been able to handle churning out all these videos. Camtasia has been a great help.  The new version doesn’t seem to crash so much now.  It’s easy to edit out mistakes and add stuff in.  I produced intro videos for each of the five units so students have a head’s up on what to expect.

The first unit is easy: א ב ג ד are not too complicated. Think A B G D but backwards because we read Hebrew from right to left. So if you only knew these letter, you can make the following words:

אב for father  AV

בא for (he) came.  BA (bah)

דג for fish  DG (dag)

דב for bear  DV (dov)

So if this is a method that you would like to try, come join me here.

גג for roof  GG (gag)

Now you can make these sentences:

אב בא Father came. or A father arrived.  AV BA

גב בא  A bear came.  DoV BA

דג בא  A fish arrived.  Dag BA

גג בא  A roof arrived.  GaG BA

Notice that father and a father are the same word אב.  There’s no a in Hebrew.

Notice that אב seems to be the only word that has a letter that is a vowel.  Funny thing about Hebrew: it doesn’t always need a letter to make a vowel.  In the rest of the letters, the vowel is embedded.

Notice also that ב changes on you.  When it is at the beginning of a word, it has the B sound.  But when it is at the end of a word or syllable, it has the V sound.


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