All the sections of Psalm (Tehillim) 119 on Video

Yes, some day I will get over this flu.  Thought I was over it and it came back.  So I’ve been working on an additional feature for the Learn Hebrew through the Bible course:  I’m almost finished uploaded 22 videos of Psalm 119–one video for each letter.  So now you can listen and look at the Hebrew words.  For instance, you can listen to Psalm 119’s section of the Gimel, where each verse begins with a Gimel.  Your mission in this exercise is simple, just identify the Gimel sound at the beginning of each verse.  That’s the G sound.  Sounds simple, but it’s exercises your brain and your ear.

What’s really cool about Psalm 119 is that each verse is a couplet.  It’s almost as if the writer was designing this psalm for learners of Hebrew.  Each verse has two thoughts.  Each thought is usually about three or four words, so it makes it easier for you to follow along with the Hebrew.

The video uses the “yad” which is the long stick with a hand that traditionally Rabbis use in teaching and reading.  By following the yad, you know what verse the speaker is reading.  You might be able to pick out a few words here and there, depending on your level of Hebrew.  Even if you don’t know any Hebrew, this exercise is really important: it helps you develop an ear for the language of Hebrew.  Just relax and get into the rhythm of Hebrew.  This exercise will speed up your learning down the road.

Here is an example with the letter Samekh.


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