There is no Dead Sea

No, in the Hebrew Bible, there is no mention of a Dead Sea.  That sea is not dead.  It is called the Sea of the Salt. 

Sea is Yam (“a” like father not like yam, the vegetable) ים

Salt is Melexh.מלח It has that hard H at the end like Loch and Bach.

Remember, it’s Sea of THE Salt.  So we have to put the “the” in there.  In Hebrew, “the” is one letter, H, or ה.  It’s not a separate word: you stick it on the front of the word. So you have המלח

All together now: Yam H’Melaxh ים המלח.

In Ancient Israel, you may know, there were no refrigerators or freezers. Only salt would preserve food like meat and keep it from spoiling.  So it makes Yam H’Melaxh a pretty amazing natural resource.

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