Why English as a mother tongue is a language learning disability

At the Superbowl, there were thousands of people: most who spoke English as their mother tongue.  It would be inconceivable in the USA to think that the Patriots and Seahawks couldn’t understand each other.

If English is your mother tongue and you are not one of those “one out of twenty” people who has a natural gift for languages, you probably struggled in French class, had difficulties in German, or you felt you just got by in Spanish.  You might have thought you just didn’t have the gift of languages and that’s that.  If you have any EU friends, they probably told you the joke:  What do you call someone who speaks three languages?  Trilingual.  Two languages?  Bilingual.  One language?  American, (or British, Canadian, Australian etc.).

Well, unless you came from an immigrant family, you didn’t grow up listening to other languages the way you would in a lot of multi-cultural societies like India.  In India, you might speak one language to your mother’s side of the family, another to your father’s side of the family, another one to the maid, another one at school.  Your brain has built-in channels to go from one language to another, while the English-speaking person has to start digging a tunnel to learn each word of a new language.

Let’s say you are the adventurous type and you visit other countries outside of the Western world.  You even stay there longer than a tourist.  You learn a bit of the local language and try it out.  You want to make friends and find the fastest way of making friends is to speak English with the locals.  Once they figure out you’re an English speaker, it’s all over.  You suddenly become an English teacher perhaps to the horror of your English teacher back home.

If you are an American, you can travel literally for hundreds of miles in America and find everyone speaks almost exactly the way you do.  If you try that kind of travelling in Europe, you’d have to speak a different language for every state that you passed.  America is geographically isolated like few other countries are.  It has oceans on each side.  It even has   So unless you are close the Mexico, you may not have a lot of opportunities to hear the foreign language you want to learn.

People who speak English as their native tongue just don’t have the same motivation to learn a foreign language as others.  Motivation is one of the key factors that helps even the most disadvantaged student to learn a foreign language.
And then you try to learn Hebrew.  Even if you were brought up with listening to Hebrew prayers, people said them so fast that you didn’t get what they meant.  So you try to learn.  For both Jews and Gentiles, the struggle to learn Hebrew is something they both have in common.


So this is my poinchunnelt:  if you are struggling to learn Hebrew and are losing hope, and English is your mother tongue, realize that you have a language learning disability.  Give yourself plenty of room to learn.  It’s going to take special methods to build those tunnels in your brain.  Think of the English channel.  You need special tools.  E-Vreet offers these tools.


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