Jethro Tull and this week’s Bible portion

This week’s Bible portion (Exodus 18:1-20,35) is called Yitro which means Jethro, like in Jethro Tull.  Did you think I meant Jethro Tull, the band?  No, I meant Jethro Tull, one of the fathers of British agriculture.   His father, by the way was also called Jethro.  Yitro Tull definitely has a different ring to it.  Notice how both Jethros have long hair.  I wonder if Yitro had long hair too.  jethro tull bandjethro tull argriculture

There’s no photo of the first Jethro or Yitro that we know about .  He wasn’t one of the Chosen People. He came from Midian, which could now be   Saudia Arabia.   Yitro comes from a verb meaning “remainder” in Hebrew.  Leviticus 10:16 talks about Aaron’s surviving sons.  The word for surviving comes from the root of Jethro’s name.  He is certainly a remnant from the Midianites.  You don’t hear too much about Mideans.

Let’s go over a couple of words that we find in this Bible portion:

ben and jerryYitro was also a priest.  The word for priest in Hebrew is like the name Cohen, just like Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Moses’ name is Mo-shay.  It could be connected to the verb “to draw out”. Pharaoh’s daughter said, “I drew him (masha) out of the water,”

Egypt is a funny word: In Hebrew and Arabic is is Mitz-rye-im. Think of misery! It actually means “narrow place,” like being between a rock and a hard place–like being between the Reed (Red) Sea and the Egyptians.
Yitro must be one of the first management coaches ever documented. He proposed delegated authority which saved Moshay from a total melt-down.

Today, Yitro would be more famous thsteve jobs heavenan both the Jethro Tulls: he would  have his own books, TV show and videos on You Tube on TED.
Then the Lord (Adoni or Elohim) visits Moshay on the original Smokey Mountain to give the Ten Words or Ten Commandments, not Ronnie Milsap’s Smokey Mountain.  That’s when Moshay received the two tablets of the Ten Words (aka 10 Commandments).  Sorry, Steve Jobs, but Adonai was the first to write on tablets.


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