Why French Fries are Important in Learning Hebrew

boardwalk friesLearning how to say french fries is a very important word to know!  I love french fries and love to go to to get them at Boardwalk Fries because they use only the best oil.  French fries are called chips in the UK.  Now as you may remember, there is no CH sound in Hebrew.  There is no Channukah, Chutzpah, Chai, Choopah, etc.  There is no ch like in church. This could be very sad–for how could you order your chips???

Well this is what E-Vreet (Hebrew) does with such a word–it gives it its own sound–a funny sound–TS.  Ok, you are saying, that’s really difficult.  Hold on, I’m telling you that you say it all the time, especially if you have cats.  Get it?  caTS.  You also say it if you say “Bar MiTSva”.  Or think of the word the Japanese gave us: TSunami.tsunami

So, back to french fries or chips because I know you are hungry.  In E-Vreet (Hebrew) you say Tsipps.  Click on the link and listen to the word pronounced in Hebrew for a couple of times.  Don’t try to say it until you have listened to it ten times.  Then listen to it and only say it in your mind ten times.  THEN and only then, say it if you want.  But don’t worry if you don’t get it right.

Remember, “pronunciation is caught and not taught”.  It will take time.  You will be able to say this sound when you don’t realize it.  It’s not crucial, because as long as you are in the ballpark, like Camden Yards, Oriole Park at Camden Yardsballpark, E-Vreet (Hebrew) speakers will get what you are talking about.  As you can see, that’s a pretty big ballpark.  So even if you don’t get the sound just right, you can still get your fries or chips or tsips. Why?  Because Context is King.  If you are standing in a fast food restaurant in Tel-Aviv and you are saying this word the best you can, (hopefully Boardwalk Fries will open one there soon), the waiter will know you want chips…or french fries. Enjoy!


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