Psalm 103:13 Looking at it in Hebrew

״Like as a father hath compassion upon his children,
So hath the LORD compassion upon them that fear Him.״
  JPS version
I thought it would be fun to break down this verse in Hebrew; because it’s only in the Hebrew will you see that the word for compassion mentioned in this verse is very special.

כרחם אב על־בנים

like compassion of the father for his children

רחם יהוה על־יראיו׃

so is the compassion of the LORD for those who fear (respect) Him.


Remember to read Hebrew from right to left.  See if you can find the word for father (AV):

AV אב

The word for compassion here comes from the word “womb.”

ReHeM רחם

This word rehem (with a hard H) means that the compassion that the LORD has for us is like a mother with a new-born child.  There is another Hebrew word that is translated as compassion, but the writer of this psalm chose this word, reHem.

Find the word רחם in the verse. It appears twice.

Hebrew expresses “like or as” with a sticky letter


So that is why we have


Now let’s look at the Hebrew word for “children.”  The Hebrew word means sons here, but it includes both sons and daughters. The word for son in Hebrew is

BEN בן.

In this verse, it is in the plural as


Hebrew uses the sticky letters


on masculine plural nouns; so that is why we have


literally means “sons.”

Remember that the LORD loves you not just like a father, but like a mother.  As mighty and powerful as the LORD is, He can be a tender and gentle as a mother with a frail new-born.   He can subdue armies, move mountains, cause the sea to part, but His strength and authority does not mean that He can’t be delicate and deal with intimate details of life. Jewish fathers have a special love for their babies and will care for them and hold them. They don’t think they are too macho to take care of their babies.

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