You say you want to go to Israel

If you have a genuine desire to go to Israel, make sure you use that passion to learn to speak some Hebrew. I realize that it is not easy for people who speak English as a first language to learn–why? English is the language of the world, so you don’t have the same deep motivation as others. Motivation is the subconscious key to learning a language. Secondly, if you are from America, you are geographically isolated. You can travel for hundreds of miles and still speak like you do and people totally understand. So I get it–it’s not easy–especially if you are busy, working, and have had bad language teachers in the past and have been traumatized. But if you really want to honor Israel, before you start talking about spending thousands of dollars getting on a plane, spend hours learning Hebrew. That is what this site is all about. Let this be a safe space where people can use the Hebrew they know and try to communicate with each other. That means we don’t jump on people with hyper-correction. If you have communicated in Hebrew, don’t worry about your mistakes. Communication is the key.



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