When your soul is in prison, play…

As you start playing with the Hebrew words in a verse that you have known all your life, you may start feeling like you know less instead of more.  The more you study Hebrew, sometimes, the less you feel you know.  But you just have to go with it.  Leave your Western linear standards behind.  A lot of times, you will not be able to get a word for word direct translation.  Instead, you just have to feel the words and let them speak to you.  When you study Biblical Hebrew, you are entering an Eastern mindset.  It’s uncharted territory, but yet, it’s intimate and real.

This is what I have found as I have played with the words of this verse.  I have taken each word and stretched it, turned it on all sides in the light, and I’m still not satisfied.  But then, if I were, it wouldn’t be so much fun.  There’s always more when you handle eternity.

tehillim 142v7.pngI think that this verse can speak to many who are in their own prison.  It will speak to them in the way that they need.


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