When you get yourself in trouble

If we are honest, which is hard to do about ourselves, a lot of times when we are in trouble, it is due to our own mistakes.  Sometimes we are in a bad situation where we can’t get out.  What to do?  We call on God anyway.  There’s a special prayer for that in Tehillim (Psalms) 70:1.  Maybe if you pray it in Hebrew, you’ll get a faster response since it’s God’s first language. 😉

In the original Hebrew, it looks like this:

אלהים להצילני יהוה לעזרתי חושה


Elohim: God


L’hatsi-lanu: literally means to snatch away or deliver me.


This is the LORD’s name.  To give respect, we use Adonai.


L’ezra-tea means to help me.


Hoosha!  Means to hurry.

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