What does the Hebrew word for angel really mean

First of all, we want to thank Manohar Inbaraj, one of our graduate students from E-Vreet for making this meme.  He posted it in our Facebook group.

What is special about this verse is the first word (remember to read from the right)

אנכי A-NO-KEY.

Anokey is an emphatic “I”. Hebrew doesn’t usually have a separate word for the word “I.” It is embedded in the verb. So you say “I-go” “I-come” and normally “I-send.”

But here, the Lord wants you to know that it is He Himself that his sending an angel/messenger to go in front of you to keep you or guard you in the way. If you aren’t reading the bible in Hebrew, you won’t know this. Some commentators say that the messenger is Moses. The word for angel/messenger is ME-LAK. It is not good to take verses out of the bible–out of context. So let’s see the verse in context in order that we can get the full meaning.

Conquest of Canaan Promised

20Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared. 21Pay careful attention to him and obey his voice; do not rebel against him, for he will not pardon your transgression, for my name is in him.22“But if you carefully obey his voice and do all that I say, then I will be an enemy to your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries.23“When my angel goes before you and brings you to the Amorites and the Hittites and the Perizzites and the Canaanites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, and I blot them out, 24you shall not bow down to their gods nor serve them, nor do as they do, but you shall utterly overthrow them and break their pillars in pieces. 25You shall serve the Lord your God, and hea will bless your bread and your water, and I will take sickness away from among you. 26None shall miscarry or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days. 27I will send my terror before you and will throw into confusion all the people against whom you shall come, and I will make all your enemies turn their backs to you. 28And I will send hornetsb before you, which shall drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites from before you. 29I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. 30Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and possess the land. 31And I will set your border from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness to the Euphrates,c for I will give the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you shall drive them out before you. 32You shall make no covenant with them and their gods. 33They shall not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against me; for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you.”

In Numbers 20:14, Moses uses the Hebrew word “ME-LA-KIM” (plural of MELAK) and it is translated as messengers: And Moses sent messengers from Kadesh unto the king of Edom, Thus saith thy brother Israel, Thou knowest all the travail that hath befallen us”:numbers-20v14

This longer passage that I posted above is like a conditional promise

–if you obey Me or the one I send, you will be blessed and protected.

It seems to be relevant to what Israel is going through today.

What do you think?


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