Learning Languages with Legos: Hebrew

E-Vreet has finally rolled out its fourth course in Biblical Hebrew: Learn Hebrew with LEGOS. It seems that Legos are the perfect tools to demonstrate how Biblical Hebrew works. Although this is our fourth course, it will be the introductory course for students new to Biblical Hebrew. It’s got to be the only course that doesn’t actually teach you Biblical Hebrew but teaches you about Biblical Hebrew. It’s hard enough learning about an ancient language without having to learn the language itself at the same time. This course gives students insight into how Biblical Hebrew is structured using Psalm 23 in English. They also get insight into Psalm 23.

After this course, students will be ready for E-Vreet’s “Meet the Hebrew Alphabet.” Then they can learn about Hebrew roots through Biblical names in the Hebrew Roots course. Finally, they can actually learn how to read and make their own sentences in “Learn how to Read Hebrew through the Bible.”

We tried using the Lego method to teach Greek, but so far, it just doesn’t work as easily as it does for Hebrew. Hebrew really isn’t such a difficult language. It’s just that many who want to learn Hebrew have English as their mother tongue and were never forced to learn another language as many others need to do.

This course was designed for busy people who have jobs, growing families, and are legos logointimidated by the traditional Biblical Hebrew courses. E-Vreet is not trying to replace the traditional courses but E-Vreet hopes to guide and prepare students for these courses.


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