Who’s coffee is it?

Bow-care Tov בוקר טוב
Shhh, you are talking way too loud. I’m just having my first coffee קפה. Care to join me for a little Hebrew עברית while brewing your coffee קפה? (Couldn’t resist the pun.)
Today (hi-yum היום) I want to talk about how Hebrew עברית makes possessives. English makes a possessive like this:  Mano’s coffee — with the apostrophe and the letter “s”.  Sometimes we say “the coffee of Mano” although it’s a bit old-fashion.  But hold on to the old-fashion way because this way will help you understand the Hebrew method of showing ownership.
To show ownership in Hebrew.
1.  Use the old fashion English way of showing possession:
2.  Drop the “THE” and “OF”
Note:  If we leave it like this, Mano is in desperate trouble.  He doesn’t own the coffee.  Anyone could take it, and he could have a bad start to the day.  Hebrew realizes this and has a solution.  So watch the video here.  It’s a clip from the UDEMY course “Learn Hebrew from the Bible”.

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