Pride or a Blessing

Shabbat Shalom. We are living in a time where it is a lot easier to be divided and have arguments and fights than it is to be the grown-up and be the peace-maker. Not everyone is going to agree with you. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are a bad person or your enemy.

Lately, I have seen the worst arguments and infightings inside communities of faith. Pride is the worst drug and humility is the antidote. You can make the difference today. Be still and know that He is God–and not you or I.

We have all failed in this because we are living in dark and may I say evil times, but we can start now with wisdom, kindness and compassion and help each other. We are one people, so let’s act like it.

When God addressed Israel and asked them to hear Him, He did not use the plural form of the verb as He did in Numbers:

num-20v10-hear-pluralNotice that the Hebrew letter called a Vav in orange makes the verb a plural, as you would use in addressing more than one person.

Now notice how God addresses the people of Israel in the Shemah:


You will notice that there is no Hebrew letter Vav to make the verb plural.  The verb is in the singular form.  Notice that the verse is about being one–God being one, but perhaps it is also about us being one, since God is addressing Israel as one person.  Many of us say the Shema prayer daily, but do we consider this as we say it?

Tonight many of us will celebrate the Shabbat and perhaps sing the famous Hinne Ma Tov from Tehillim (Psalm) 133.  Let’s look at the first verse:

ps 133v1.png

Notice that the Hebrew word for together has the same root as the the Hebrew word for one.  So you could say, “Oh how good and and how pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to live together as one.”

Let’s look at the whole psalm to get the impact:


Notice that the LORD will command the blessing when we are one.  So perhaps when we are divided, we forfeit a blessing that we may really need today.


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